A few customers we already manage for

Vi klarer også administrationen!

Få en administrationsaftale og lad os klare supporten af jeres boliger
Let us manage your holiday homes

Since 2010, Bookhus has managed holiday homes for organizations and holiday funds. We offer to help with administrative tasks as needed and have extensive experience that we are happy to share.

Our partners enable us to help holiday funds and companies with many different tasks, e.g. maintenance checks and servicing of holiday homes as well as the purchase, sale and rental of holiday homes at home and abroad.

We focus on optimizing the rental, so that the individual holiday home is rented out optimally. It provides the most value for the users and at the same time creates a good economy for you.

All tasks are performed by staff specializing in the administration of holiday homes and extensive knowledge of the various resorts.


Let us put your lease in order.


We will coordinate the efforts with the builder and cleaningstaff.


Examples of administrative tasks

CMS and Website

Maintenance of presentation of the holiday homes on the Internet.

Booking administration

Booking, payment, keys.

We take care of the entire administration of your lease.


We have the contact to cleaning companies, and secure the necessary agreements.


We arrange a draw for the agreed periods.

Accounting help

Through our partners, we take care of bookkeeping and accounts.

24/7/365 Hotline

Our hotline is open to your tenants 24 hours a day, all year round.


We provide the contact for craftsmen.

Key Distribution

We send out keys to the tenants and make sure to get them back.

Status Meetings

We hold regular status meetings and participate in the annual board meeting.

An agreement that suits you.

Support agreement

We help with questions about how the system is set up and how it is used in daily operations.

Support agreement

We take care of the administration of your rent, newsletters and raffle.

At the same time, your tenants can call during the day.

We help with questions about how the system is set up and how it is used in connection with the daily operation.

Support agreement

We take care of the daily operation of your lease.

We further support your tenants and have a 24/7/365 hotline in case there are problems with the lease, even outside normal opening hours.

Are you in doubt? See here what the different agreements contain

Telefon support 9-15 man-fre (administratorer)
Telefon support 9-15 man-fre (lejerne)
Administration af bookingsystemet
Udarbejdedelse/afsendelse af nyhedsbreve
Daglig drift af bookingsystemet
Vagt telefon 24/7/365 alle dage (lejerne)
Koordinering mellem lejerne og tilsynsførende
Koordinering af vedligehold i boligerne
Kontakt til leverandører - indhente tilbud etc.
Opdatering af Emne historik
Udsendelse af evaluering skemaer + opfølgning
Indberetning af turistskat
Prissætning af lejepriser, sæsoner
Sparring med bestyrelsen
Vedligeholdelse rapporter
Opdatering af Sociale Medier
Årligt status møde
Assistance med betalinger/bilag

Bookhus provides a great service to our guests. We have a completely different peace of mind now that the administration is in order.