Booking system with raffel modul.

Manage the property of the holiday fund and automate the entire administration

A couple of our customers

CMS and Website

Bookhus has a full CMS system for building your own booking portal.

Booking administration

Booking, Payment, keys, all is automated to make managing your lease as easy as possible

Statistics and KPIs

Systemet indeholder en række statistik og udtræksdata, der vil give jer et overblik over økonomi og investering.


Har flere medarbejdere ønske om samme lejemål, kan lodtrækningsmodulet bruges.

Online payment

1. rate/depositum og efterfølgende betalinger opkræves automatisk i gennem vores online betalingsmodul.
Alle korttyper understøttes inkl. MobilePay.

24/7 Support

Vi står klar til at hjælpe jeres medarbejdere, når de har spørgsmål om lejemålet.

Make your holiday home available
for the fund's employees

Bookhus is a booking system designed for holiday funds. The system's first holiday fund customer came on 15 years ago, and ever since, bookhus has been the holiday fund's favorite booking management system.

Today, more than 140 holiday funds / companies use the system to automate their booking and administration workflows to automate and reduce the administrative work.


The system contains all the unique functions that are required to run a holiday fund and at the same time it is a user-friendly system for both administrator and tenant.


Features such as the lottery module, deposit collection, credit card payments, and connection to digital locking systems are all features available in the Bookhus solution.


With Bookhus, the holiday fund gets a gated web portal which only affiliated employees  or fund members can access.  This way, compliance with applicable legislation and guidelines can be optained.


Bookhus keeps track of all tax rules and offers a number of embedded reports that make administration straightforward.

   Bookhus also offers a complete administration agreement.


This eliminates having to take care of all the practicalities around the individual homes, like cleaning and maintenance. Through our 24/7 hotline, we help the tenants during the stay with any questions and problems that may arise.

Hanne  Iversen

The system is easy to use and I especially think the weight training module is smart. It saves me a lot of hassle.

John Arnesen

As chairman of the holiday fund, it is important that the paper work for STAR is easy to generate. Bookhus makes it really easy.

Tina Schable

Our houses are scattered and we enjoy using Bookhus maintenance service. I can just call them and they'll fix it.

Build your own rental site.

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