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More people can now benefit from holiday homes with a new executive order

The Danish Agency for Labor Market and Recruitment (STAR) has, with a new addition to §18 ‘Executive Order on holiday funds’, opened up for letting to members of other holiday funds.

The long awaited update to the Executive Order on Holiday Funds finally came on 30/06/2020. Perhaps the Corona epidemic had an impact, at least there has been a very decisive addition in the new executive order right up to the summer holidays of 2020, when most people chose to spend their holidays in Denmark.

The change means that more people can now benefit from holiday homes from holiday funds.

The update in §18 para. 2. is under the heading:

Exchange of holiday homes

§ 18. To feriefonde kan indgå aftale om, at de hver stiller en feriebolig fuldt til rådighed for hinanden i en tidsbegrænset periode på højst 12 måneder over 3 år.

Stk. 2. En fond kan stille sine ferieboliger til rådighed for andre danske private feriefonde på samme vilkår, som den selv udlejer til, hvis den ikke selv kan leje dem ud.

Read if necessary. the whole letter here:

PCS. 2 clarifies that a holiday fund may now rent out its holiday homes to members of other Danish holiday funds. This is an addition to the original paragraph. 1, which allows funds to exchange homes.

The guide to the executive order explains:

at det er en forudsætning at fonden ikke kan leje ferieboligen ud til medlemmerne i egen feriefond.

Read more here:

In other words it means; if a holiday fund cannot rent out the home to their own members, they can now pass the home on to other holiday fund members.

We spoke with Søren Balslev from the Danish Agency for Labor Market and Recruitment (STAR) about what documentation for tenants' affiliation with a holiday fund is required, and here was the answer.

It is a clear precondition that it can be documented that the home is only rented out to members of a Danish holiday fund, as this scheme must not become a competition-distorting element in relation to the rental of private actors.

He elaborates

"When the holiday home is made available to another Danish private holiday fund, the board can draw its attention to the condition and that it is a personal right of use that cannot be transferred, this also applies in relation to the fund's own beneficiaries. The board may, for example, demand to be told who from the other fund rents the home."

Based on this new rule, Bookhus has set out to develop a new module that allows a holiday fund to rent out homes across Bookhus portals, provided the portal has the status of a Danish holiday fund.

The function will support the documentation requirement that Søren Balslev describes.

We expect the new feature to be ready by the fall. If you want to hear more about this feature, sign up for the list here:

Then we will send you an update when the module is ready.

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